Propane Forge

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I’ve created a couple of different coal fired forges in the past, but too labor intensive using them.  Therefor it was time to build a propane double torch forge. Advertisements

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Wrought Iron Work

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This is a blast forming iron 🙂

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After a broken leg I still needed to do something instead of staring out the window, so decided to do some doodling.  I’ve never been able to draw stick men without a ruler, but things changed so I could scribble … Continue reading

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Sauerkraut (My Version)

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Sauerkraut was a staple for many households in years gone by.  I try to keep up with it now that I am Vegetarian. My wife use to make it in a 15 gal crock, and it was so good.  However … Continue reading

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Apple Crusher

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After watching many videos on the internet, I decided to purchase a new 1/2 hp garbage disposal to do the job of crushing apples.  Assembly and wiring in an old stainless steel sink/table outside was very fast, about 1/2 hour. I tested … Continue reading

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Cider Press

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Here it is again, time to harvest.  One thing we have never had a handle on, was to harvest fruit in a timely manner.  Usually we process 50 or so quarts of apples into sauce, and basically forage from the … Continue reading

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Wood Chip Gardening

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I had my first success using wood chips.  While tilling our garden this spring, I unearthed several potatoes that we had not harvested in the fall.  Instead of picking them up, as they had been chopped up a bit with … Continue reading

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